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Eiffel (I Fell) In Love...


Hi there, I'm Cherry!!!!
This blog is all about wedding....

dresses, cakes, decoration, shoes, themes, gifts, photography, bouquet, invitations etc...
from all around the world...
I love everything about wedding...
Wedding is a beautiful thing that we can share the love & joy with everyone...
So, Enjoice!!!!!!

* DISCLAIMER: These photos are not mine. All pictures featured in here belong to their respective owners. If you see pictures of yours and don't want it to be posted, message me with the link and I'll remove it.

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Not ours! Contact for removal or credit if yours!


Not ours! Contact for removal or credit if yours!

Tony Ward Fall-Winter  2014

Tony Ward Fall-Winter  2014


A gorgeous flower crown from this Boho “Sweet Devotion” Inspired Styled Shoot on Styled & Wed | Photo by ArinaB Photography

A Birthday 🎂 Surprise

Dear beautiful followers, I would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or ideas. I want to make a perfect plan to celebrate my partner’s birthday. His birthday is today but we can’t celebrate it yet as he is currently away working in Thailand, I only able to see him in the next 2 weeks. I have in mind to have romantic dinner with cake & champagne. Please tell me how to make it works!

- Cherry

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